Working Towards a Solar Powered Future

Solar powered buildings, solar charge stations, renewably powered agricultural systems, aquaponics, and regenerative food waste management are just a few of the projects John Wilson is involved with.

Solar Village: Renewable, Open Source, and Circular Economy

The focus of John's work revolves around renewable energy, renewable food production, education, and the ciricular economy. John has coined the term Solar Village to encompass this vision.


Investing in Young Entrepreneurs with a Sustainable Vision

John supports young, energetic, smart, visionary and passionate entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, technology solutions, investment funding and sweat equity.


John's Vision

John Wilson presents a talk called Personal Power in a Solar Village at the Commerce and Engineering Conference at Queens University in 2014.


Wilson Natural Home

This is a one of kind, award-winning, solar powered home, comfortable and affordable with no furnace (just imagine no gas, propane or oil heating bills, as in zero fossil-fuels) or mechanical air-conditioner.


Renewable Energy Documentary Video

This documentary explains how people like you and communities using renewable energy provide hope that we will achieve a sustainable future. Learn how it's possible to live an ethical existence today while providing hope for a better future for our children.


Solar Village Documentary Video

The Solar Village is a documentary video that explores how we can create sustainable communities today. The people of Freiburg Germany show us how to build large scale solar apartment houses, privately financed wind parks, and zero emissions factories (that can even produce solar panels).


John Wilson is part of the team that started Bullfrog Power back in 2005. More recently John has supported Better Current, Wastenot Farms, and Waterwheel Farms.

Bullfrog Power Video

Better Current JENNi Solar Charger Video

Wastenot Farms Video

Living Report Card

Open iPub Software

Open iPub software screen


Living Report Card

Living Report Card is a platform for learning.


Open iPub

Open iPub is instant ebook content publishing in a browser for both desktop and mobile. This is an open source project.


Task Master!

Task Master! is an operational management software as a service suite for managing startup businesses. Contact John for more information.


Sun Rise: Your Complete Guide to Sustainable Living

This down-to-earth book explains in simple terms, how we all can start using solar energy, wind power, breathing walls, straw bale home construction techniques, passive solar design, smart windows, green roofs, and composting – today! You’ll learn how John Wilson and his family made their dreams come true as they explain how to make Natural Living work for you. You’ll learn about the process John discovered to make it all come together. You’ll get the details on how much it cost and what it took to get a wind turbine, solar panels, the hydro meter running backwards, grass on the roof, and a furnace the size of a bread box that doesn’t burn fossil fuels. Here is the book that breaks down many of the barriers to a sustainable lifestyle, and shows what is attainable today. I truly believe that, as in my own case, once people see what others have achieved, they will be inspired and emboldened to make the changes suggested in this book.


Articles, Essays and Poetry

John publishes a vareity of his writing on Open iPub.


Sun Rise ebook cover

Wilson Natural Home with sunflower

About John Wilson

As the founder of the Solar Village and as the author of Sun Rise, John Wilson is a leading advocate for renewable energy. John lives in an award-winning natural home he and his family designed and helped build about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As a leader with real world hands on experience, John Wilson is a tireless advocate for the process of communication, education, and inspiration so critical to the transformation process required of our society. With a corporate background in technology, John brings a down-to-earth, practical, and inspiring view to the changes we all need to make. People relate to John because he is a regular guy with a regular job just like the rest of us. And if he can do it then so can we all. John is available for: Educational speaking, Seminars, and Workshops.